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    Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is considered as one of the major cash and food crop throughout the world. Tissue culture methods are the major focus of the scientists to explore the genetic modification of this crop. Selection of responsive genotypes and best culture media is imperative for wheat in vitro investigation. Mature embryos of ten wheat genotypes were evaluated for tissue culture response. Varying concentrations of 2- 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Indole Acetic Acid and Kinetin were tested to induce callus and regeneration. Callus induction response ranged between 21% to 94% in Chenab 2000 and Atta Habib. The best optimized concentrations recorded for callus induction were found to be as on 2 and 1 mg/L of 2, 4D. Whereas, the best genotypes that responded well towards callus inducing response were Siran, Atta Habib, Inqalab 2000, Marvi 2000 and Iqbal 2000. On the other hand maximum regeneration response was recorded as 35% in Atta Habib at 0.1- 0.4 mg/L (IAA- Kinetin) in Atta Habib followed by Siran (30%). Best responsive cultivars screened in this study for in vitro culturing and economic and efficient methods can be used in wheat improvement programs.

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    Ummara Waheed, Raza Ahmed, Irum Shahzadi, Maria Siddique, Mohammad and Maroof Shah